Walker Foundations

How it all started

Walker Foundations, Inc.

David B. Walker

Founder of Walker Foundations, Inc.


Walker Foundations Inc. was started by David B. Walker in the fall of 1988.  With the help of his brother and one other employee, he started the business that now has over 40 employees and is known statewide for its outstanding quality of service. 

Primarily, the business was active in residential work, but by the early 90's it branched off into light commercial work as well.  Today, after nearly 30 years of service in Nebraska, we construct a variety of poured walls in the retail, agricultural, manufacturing and residential settings, and also provide a complete array of services related to poured wall foundations.

In April of 2002, our company suffered the tragic loss of the founder, David B. Walker.  At the age of 33, David was killed by a drunk driver that ran into his home as he was asleep in bed during the early morning hours of April 20, 2002.  David was survived by his wife and five small children.  In spite of this devastating loss, the business has continued to progress under the management of David's brother-in-law, Charles Seadschlag, and David's wife, Christine Walker, President.  David left behind a hard work ethic and dedication to pleasing his customers, and we continue to strive at keeping this same integrity in the work that we do for each of our customers.  We hope to have an opportunity to provide you with the service that has pleased so many of our great customers who make our business the success that it is.  We look forward to serving you.